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What Happens?

When You Can't Make Your MCA Payments

If you are at risk of defaulting on MCA, or already have, it is time to take action. Don’t ignore them, your MCAs will not “go away” just because you can’t pay.  Quite the opposite.  

The reality is MCA often use extreme measures to collect: 

  • File lawsuits, which can result in judgements against your business and you personally
  • Place liens on your business and personal bank accounts
  • Seize funds directly from your card processor
  • Seize accounts receivables directly from your customers and clients
  • Put liens on payment accounts like PayPal, Square, Uber Eats, and others
  • Send Notices of Default directly to your customer and clients
  • Attempt to shut down or even take control of your business

Not to mention the collection calls, texts, and emails to you, your employees, even your family members. Disrupting your business, upsetting customers and employees, creating stress you don’t need.  Some go as far as threatening to shut down or take over your business.

There is a solution. A way to settle your MCAs, protect your business from hyper-aggressive collections tactics, and get back to normal life.

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3-2-1 Restructure Program

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